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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Articles on Shamanism

You can download articles on shamanism, soul retrieval, power animals and shamanic healing here (you will need Adobe reader to open them, If you have not already got it installed, you can download it for free here). I hope you enjoy them!

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval.

The concept of soul loss, and the practices of soul retrieval, is absolutely fundamental to shamanic healing. Most people in the modern world suffer from multiple soul loss, ans shamanism holds the key to recovery.

Mending the Past with Shamanism: the legacy of our family and ancestral inheritance.

An article exploring how ancestral and family patterns affect us, and how shamanic work, including shamanic family constellation therapy, can result in healing the past and mending the future.

The ‘Year of Living Shamanically’ series. An exploration of the Medicine Wheel from a shamanic perspective, and an exploration as to how to use the wheel as a guide for living more in touch with the seasons and rhythms of the year...

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 1: The Medicine Wheel.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 2: Imbolc.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 3: The Spring Equinox.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 4: Beltane.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 5: The Summer Solstice.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 6: Lammas.

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 7: The Autumn Equinox.

A Year Of Living Shamanically Part 8: Samhain (Halloween).

A Year of Living Shamanically Part 9: (Winter Solstice).

The Power Animal Essences are similar to flower essences. They carry the archetypal energy of specific animals, and can act as a bridge between us and the animal world, helping us to draw upon an animal’s qualities in a gentle and supportive way. As well as being a guide to the essences themselves, the 20 page booklet outlines the traditional meanings of over seventy animals, and can be used as a useful resource of animal meanings...

Power Animal Essences

Here are some of the course handouts...

OK, I’ve got a Power Animal. Now what?

Power dynamics and shamanic counselling

Components of Therapeutic Shamanism

Guiding Principles of Therapeutic Shamanism

Channels and senses

A Guide to Shamanic Terminology

Symptoms of Soul Loss, and the Effects of Soul Retrieval

Preparing Oneself for Doing Shamanic Work

Giving and Receiving Feedback


The Five Elements (Chart)

Five Element Diagnosis

Borderline Personality Disorder

Reichian Character Types...

Character Type 1

Character Type 2

Character Type 3

Character Type 4

Character Type 5

Character Type 6

Therapeutic Shamanism

Articles on shamanism by Paul Francis. Includes: information about totem power animal; a series of articles exploring the medicine wheel, the solstices, equinoxes and other sabbats from a shamanic perspective; soul loss and soul retrieval; ancestral and family healing with shamanism.