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Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. Workshops and training in eco-psychotherapy, body-centred psychotherapy, shamanic healing and nature-based spirituality. Courses include: shamanic journeying, core shamanism, soul retrieval, power animals, shamanic counselling, the medicine wheel, mending the past, healing the future, shamanic extraction, plant spirit medicine, shamanic psychotherapy and lots more. Train to be a shamanic practitioner or shamanic therapist. Courses in North Wales, and through the UK.

‘The Shamanic Journey: a Practical Guide to Therapeutic Shamanism’ is out now.

An Amazon best-seller.

Average customer review is over 96 out of 100.

85 5-star reviews on Amazon (U.K.) so far, and counting.

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A ground-breaking and stand-out book on shamanism, written for both complete beginners and for anyone already with experience. At once both practical and deeply thought-provoking, this book examines how to make shamanic practice relevant and central to our modern-day lives.

For those new to the subject, the book is a grounded, easy-to-read and yet comprehensive introduction to the ancient knowledge, wisdom and practices of shamanism. In addition, it provides an easy-to-follow guide, with clearly-explained, practical exercises and suggestions about how to get started on the shamanic path.

Far more than just a beginner’s guide though, the book can be eye-opening to any open-minded shamanic practitioner. As a highly practical form of spirituality, our ancestors always adapted shamanism to the times and environment in which they lived. The book explores how, as we turned away from hunter-gathering, and with the rise of agriculture, domestication and ‘civilisation’, we largely lost our connection with shamanism. This profoundly changed us, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and radically altered the environment around us. Facing the challenges of our times, the book discusses how we can reclaim shamanism and, most importantly, how to make it relevant to the changed times in which we now live, and how doing this may be crucial to our very survival and return to sanity.

In ‘The Shamanic Journey’ Paul Francis draws on his wealth of knowledge and experience in shamanism, anthropology and psychotherapy. Well researched, and yet written in an accessible and conversational style, he combines these three elements into a shamanic practice that is spirit-led, down-to-earth, psychologically-aware, ethical and compassionate. What emerges is a spiritual practice that is both deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, and one that we can use to heal not only ourselves, but society, and the planet. If you let them, the knowledge and practices in this book can positively change your life, and the way in which you see and experience the world around you.

The book is the first in the ‘Therapeutic Shamanism’ series. The series is a thorough, step-by-step guide to shamanic practice, the first of its kind to go into such detail and depth. An apprenticeship for modern times.

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Quotes from reviews…

“Outrageously Brilliant!” “An instant classic.” “The best book about Shamanism that I have ever read.” “A must read for anyone remotely interested in the subject.” “A very special and important book.” “Un-put-down-able.” “Full of profound wisdom and practical guidance.” “A definitive text on living shamanically.” “I cannot recommend this more highly.” “Quite simply, outstanding!” “Relevant for both the beginner and the more experienced reader/practitioner.” “Clearly and intelligently written.” “The Shamanic Journey isn't just a good read - it's a hands on course.” “A fabulous introduction to Shamanism and how it can be relevant in today's world.” “Written is a clear, conversational style with a comprehensive index for easy reference.” “What a wonderful read. Down to earth, easy to read and everything you need to understand the basic principles of shamanism and how to start journeying.” “This book could literally change your life and the way you view it”. “A beautifully crafted book that's easy to read and clearly identifies themes and practices for shamanic practices in today's busy world.” “I loved this book.” “Intelligent and down to earth'.” “I couldn't recommend this book more highly.” “Paul Francis is deeply knowledgeable and equally passionate about bringing the practice of shamanism back into our daily lives, and offers a practical insight into how to do this.” “Brilliant introduction to Shamanism!” “A clear and coherent guide to shamanic practice.” “It is obvious that the writer has a wealth of experience and understanding in this field and I especially enjoyed his down to earth position on the challenging issues of our times and how we can address these shamanically.” “Easy to read page after page and so much good information.” “Love this book.” “A thoughtful, accessible and practical guide.” “This is a great book - really clear explanations…very down to earth and practical.” “Paul Francis…will become one of our great shamanic writers - of that I have no doubt.” “A clear map to an ethical, peaceful, grounded way of being.” “Inspiring and thought provoking.” “I'm very much looking forward to Volume 2!”. “Awesome book. Guy really knows his stuff.”

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From the back cover…

“This book, if you let it, will take you on a journey… you will experience first-hand the healing power of shamanism, and your eyes will be opened to a world of mystery and potential that has been there all along. You do not need any special talents or powers, just an open mind. And you will trust this new way of being, because you will personally experience it. To say that this will change your life for the better is a remarkable understatement.” – from The Shamanic Journey

There appears to be an increasing disenchantment with how we experience our lives: something fundamental is missing. We have a longing for a deeper connection, a greater purpose and an enlightened approach to living, and yet we are unsure of what we can actually do to feel better and more alive; to get ‘home’. 

If you are ready, the practice of shamanism holds the answers. As the oldest healing tradition known to humankind, it can help us to retrieve that which feels lost. In shamanism, we find a journey that can lead us to true fulfilment and purpose.

In “The Shamanic Journey”, shamanic practitioner, teacher and psychotherapist, Paul Francis, offers an apprenticeship for our times. By building upon the work of Michael Harner, author of 1980’s classic ‘The Way of the Shaman’, Francis has created a practical, ethical and experiential guide. It includes: a clear description about what shamanism is; a full introduction to the shamanic lower, middle and upper worlds; an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to your first shamanic journey; guidance on how to connect and nurture a life-long relationship with your Power Animal; instruction on how to do a basic shamanic healing on other people; practical know-how for interpreting the meaning and symbolism contained within shamanic journeys. Moreover, it teaches at a fundamental level the ways in which we can place the ancient art of shamanism at the centre of our modern lives, to experience that longed-for connection with our true selves, others and the universe.” 

“The Shamanic Journey: a Practical Guide to Therapeutic Shamanism” is the first in a series of books which address these issues, It is also the foundation upon which the other books will build. It offers a practical, ethical and experiential guide to modern, therapeutic shamanism. It includes: a full introduction to the lower, middle and upper shamanic realms; an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to doing your first journey; ideas about how to nurture a life-long relationship with your Power Animal; practical know-how for interpreting the meaning and symbolism contained within your journeys; instructions about how do do a basic shamanic healing for someone else.

“The Shamanic Journey: a Practical Guide to Therapeutic Shamanism “ is available now.

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