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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

 Detailed information on shamanism courses. Study all aspect of core shamanic practice, including: soul retrieval; extraction and other shamanic healing methods; shamanic meditation practices and shamanism as a spiritual practice.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Healing the Future: releasing the past and choosing the future with Shamanism

Spread over two weekends, although the weekends can also be taken individually.

Dates: To be run again at some point in the future!

Venue: Llandudno.

Shamans say that everything has the form it has because of its habits. This is true for us humans too. Our habits, most of which are largely (or entirely) unconscious, shape how we are and how we behave. These habits then mean that out of all the infinite number of possible futures we could chose, we chose and create a future that is familiar to us, repeating the same patterns over and over again. Shamans say that in order to be really free, we have to ‘die to the past’. This is known as recapitulation; the act of releasing past habits and energetic attachments. The more we do this, the more we become free to consciously chose a different future for ourselves. On the weekends you will learn several different shamanic recapitulation techniques for releasing ourselves from the past, and look at how to use shamanism to help us step into a future more of our conscious choosing.

In addition to this, shamans also say that in making decisions, either for ourselves or collective decisions as a tribe, consideration should be given to any possible consequences on the seven generations that will come after us. We need to live our lives as Elders, considering the good of the tribe. We will look at what it would mean to live ones life with this awareness, and how we may move towards being Elders, as we age and mature.  

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