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To contact the 3 Ravens College, email Paul Francis at paulfran@gmail.com You can also Join the newsletter to be kept informed about new books, courses, free articles, and other developments. You can also join the Facebook page Therapeutic.Shamanism and the Therapeutic Shamanism Discussion Group, and follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Next Step Shamanism Days

These one-day workshops run at various times in the year and in various locations throughout the UK. They are for people who have attended one of the college’s introductory days, and who wish to delve a bit deeper into therapeutic shamanism, but who may not be able or ready to commit to the foundation courses at the present time. The workshops offer a variety of themes to explore.

Next Steps in Shamanism Days in Manchester with Dan Khan and Paul Connery…

13th July 2019 - The Stone People

7th  September 2019 - content to be confirmed

To book or for further deatils contact pjconnery@hotmail.com  

07807 239032

Next Steps in Shamanism Days in Liverpool with Chris Holt…

 27th July 2019 - Meeting your lower-world guide and the practice of recapitulation.

To book or for further details contact chrisgibbons01@hotmail.com

07958 058 191

Next Steps in Shamanism Days in Chester with Dayrl Moore and Rhian Taffler…

28th March 2020 - content to be confirmed

To book or for further details contact rhiantaffler@hotmail.com

07740 460973

More Next Step days are planned, in other areas of the country. To be kept informed, sign up for the newsletter here.

Therapeutic Shamanism

 The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. Introduction to shamanism. Find out if shamanism is for you by doing a one-day workshop. Learn how to do a shamanic journey. Days are low-cost and held at venues throughout the UK. More dates are added regularly. Join the mailing list to keep informed.