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Therapeutic Shamanism and Paul Francis

I live in North Wales with my partner Catriona and a cat called Pan. I've a grown-up son who lives in Sheffield. I've worked as a therapist in private practice since the early 1980's. My work is varied, and weaves together many different strands including...


Shamanism. With hindsight, my first major contact with shamanism was a near-death experience when I was around 12 years old. This started a process of discovery, leading me to study anthropology at university where I ended up studying different shamanic cultures. I then spent my 20’s and early 30’s studying many forms of psychotherapy, body-work and meditation practices which I now know to be shamanic in origin, although I only had inklings of this at the time. Shamanism consciously re-entered my life in a major way some years ago (through another near-death experience), and has since become the central and unifying principle of not only my work, but of my whole life. It is the basis of how I work and who of I am, and is what I spend my life teaching and practicing now.

Humanistic psychotherapy. I draw mainly from the person-centred, process-orientated and body-centred approaches. As well as seeing clients for nearly 30 years, I've also worked as a counselling and psychotherapy trainer and supervisor.

Body and energy work. I originally trained in Polarity Therapy, a system of healing based on a knowledge of the human energy body, including an understanding of the chakra system and the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. Over the years I have taught this energy model to complementary medical practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, yoga teachers, and other groups.

I am currently writing a series of books about Therapeutic Shamanism, details of which are here.

Please note that I no longer offer 1-1 shamanic healing work as I am too busy with teaching and writing these days.

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Therapeutic Shamanism

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About Paul Francis, shamanic practitioner, counsellor, psychotherapist, author and teacher in North Wales.

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