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To find out more about shamans, animism, shamanism training courses, workshops, books or shamanic healing email paulfran@gmail.com Or phone Paul Francis on 01492 873739. Office hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10am till 6pm (U.K. Hours). You can also join the newsletter to be kept informed about new books, courses, free articles, and other developments. You can also join the Facebook page Therapeutic.Shamanism and the Therapeutic Shamanism Discussion Group, and follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Practitioner Training in Therapeutic Shamanism

The training is for those who wish to engage deeply and in a committed way to becoming a Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioner. Its exact form will be negotiated and adapted according to the needs and wishes of the individual participant. It will however usually involve attendance at a minimum of sixteen of the foundation weekends, plus at least two practitioner training weekends, all spread out over a minimum of two years (although you can take as long as you want). On top of this, it will involve evidence of further study and shamanic practice, and of cultivating a shamanic practice in one's daily life, including doing a project of some kind. It also usually will involve keeping a shamanic journeying journal, and will involve self, peer and tutor feedback, assessment and supervision.

Committing to train to become a shamanic practitioner is not to be taken lightly, as it involves a commitment to work on oneself, and to making a deep commitment to one’s spirit teachers, as well as a commitment to ethical and professional standards of conduct. So entrance onto the Practitioner Training in Therapeutic Shamanism is by application. It is therefore of great importance that prospective practitioner students take time to really be certain that they are committed to the shamanic path, and that I am the right teacher for them and that the kind of shamanism I teach sits well with them. Likewise I need time to get a feel of whether I feel a student is right for the practitioner training, and that I am the right teacher for them (and that they are the right student for me, and right for the existing practitioner training group). Because of this, prior attendance at an introductory day and at least six foundation weekends is a minimum prerequisite to applying for the practitioner training (once someone is on the practitioner training, then any foundation weekends they have already completed will be counted towards the 16 needed for the practitioner training).

Having said that, I do feel passionately that we need as many well-trained, skilled and ethical shamanic practitioners out there as possible! So I try to keep the training as low-cost and affordable as I possibly can. The fees will be: course fees at the standard rate for the foundation and practitioner weekends (check here), plus an extra £300 to cover the additional time involved (this can be paid in instalments over the two years).

To help members of the public wishing to find a well-trained, skillful and ethical shamanic practitioner, there is a register of practitioner training graduates. The register can be found at www.shamanic-practitioners.co.uk

Before deciding that you may want to embark on the college’s practitioner training, you may wish to read the ‘Code of Ethics for Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioners’ below.

Shamanic Practitioner Training - journey into the cave

Download the Shamanic Pactitioner Training outline (these were revamped on 17/03/18)

For further information, please do contact me.

Please note that after the November 2017 I will be suspending new intake onto the practitioner training until I have built up student numbers enough to run it again.

Documents for current Practitioner Students

Code of Ethics for Therapeutic Shamanism Practitioners…




Core conditions









Energy hygiene


Appropriate detachment





Therapeutic Shamanism

Train to be a shamanic practitioner. UK-based, low-cost and highly flexible training, tailored to suit your needs and interests. Study at a pace that suits you. Cultivate a deep relationship with shamanism in your life.

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.