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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

About Paul Francis, shamanic practitioner, counsellor, psychotherapist, author and teacher in North Wales.

Shamanic soul retrieval and shamanic healing in the UK.

One-to one shamanic work with Paul Francis

Shamans believe illness and dis-ease is caused by one of two things. A lack of power or a loss of soul. Power loss occurs when we cut ourselves off from the natural world around us, and lose our sense of interconnectedness. Reconnecting brings power back to us. Think of how a walk in beautiful countryside recharges our batteries'.

Soul loss occurs from traumatic events, when a part of us fractures off, and literally flees. It can also occur from repeatedly denying and repressing parts of ourselves, often to survive difficult childhoods, or adult relationships; eventually these parts become lost to us. Soul loss feels like some spark is missing. Its symptoms are many, and include depression, addictions, loss of direction and motivation, and physical health problems (you can read more here).

Both soul loss and power loss leave a gap in us. This space leaves us vulnerable to other things getting in. Just as if our immune system is strong it can fight off viruses and bacteria, but if it is weak we are susceptible to them infecting us, so too if our soul and power is weak we are susceptible to taking things on that are not helpful. Often these are things like hurts, rejections or criticisms from other people, or other people’s negative thoughts and beliefs. In shamanism these are known as intrusions, and the process of removing them is known as extraction.

Shamanic healing involves removing intrusions and retrieving power, and/or missing soul parts (soul retrieval), as appropriate. This returns the person to a sense of wholeness and strength. The work is done by what is known as a shamanic journey, usually to the beat of a special shamanic drum.

Shamanic healing sessions can be done as a one-off session. Usually this involves my journeying for  you. Such sessions can be to work on specific physical problems, for soul loss, to help recovery from difficult relationships, and many, many other issues. The session is usually between 1½ to 2 hours long. Fees for one-off shamanic sessions are between £50 and £80 per session, depending on income (I leave it to people to decide what they can afford to pay, within this range). I am based in Lancaster in north-west England, however this kind of shamanic work can be done at distance, for those too far away (or too ill) to travel.

Therapeutic shamanism (shamanic counselling) is longer-term shamanic work. It combines the principles of shamanic work with those of modern counselling and psychotherapy. It can be used for personal healing, help with life issues, raising self-awareness, personal and spiritual development, and much more. It is concerned with empowering and enabling the ‘client’ as much as possible. It involves a series of sessions, usually between four and six (sometimes more and sometimes less). In it I work with you to enable you to become your own shamanic practitioner. This work involves teaching you how to do shamanic journeys (if you do not know already). The sessions then involve journeying together, with my acting as a companion, facilitator, occasional guide, and helper for you. We also then spend time unpacking what has happened in the journeys, working out what they mean, and how to apply them to your life. This is usually a hugely empowering experience, and the result is usually to give you tools you can take with you for life. Fees for therapeutic shamanic sessions are between £60 and £95 for the first session, with further sessions at a reduced rate, depending on the lengths of the sessions.

Please note!…

At the moment, I am taking a long break from 1-1 work, in order to concentrate on teaching and writing books on shamanism. So I am not taking people on for healing. If you want 1-1 work, I unreservedly recommend any of the Practitioner graduates. You can find their details at www.shamanic-practitioners.co.uk