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To contact the 3 Ravens College, email Paul Francis at paulfran@gmail.com You can also Join the newsletter to be kept informed about new books, courses, free articles, and other developments. You can also join the Facebook page Therapeutic.Shamanism and the Therapeutic Shamanism Discussion Group, and follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Workshops, Courses and Training in Shamanism

The Transformation of the College

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are in the process of shifting all our courses online. We have been taking our time with this for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted to make sure that in moving online we could find ways to deliver the same high standards that the face-to-face courses have provided. Second, it soon became clear to us that, whilst online teaching provides new challenges, it opens up new possibilities too. Given that, we decided to use this time to completely revamp and overhaul what we offer. In effect, we decided to see this as a death and rebirth of the college - a time not only of transition but of transformation.

With this in mind, we have been working with existing students, running free exploratory teaching sessions online. These have gone even better than expected, and have been invaluable in discovering not only how to adapt the courses, but in discovering the new opportunities that online work can open up too. It has been a genuinely exciting journey.

The Online Courses

Instead of the old introductory days, next-step days, foundation and advanced courses, and practitioner training, the online courses will be arranged as follows:-

The First-Steps Course

The starting point for learning Therapeutic Shamanism, and a pre-requisite for going on to the other courses. This is a low-cost course, to give you the chance to see whether Therapeutic Shamanism feels right for you. Find out more here.

The Next-Steps Courses

Following on from the First-Steps course, these courses focus on different aspects of shamanic work. They can be taken in any order, depending on what aspects of their shamanic practice students want to explore and develop. Find out more here.

The In-Depth Courses

These courses go into a particular areas of shamanism in detail. As well as shamanism, they focus on the psychotherapeutic aspects of Therapeutic Shamanism, and on developing shamanic community too. Find out more here.

The Shamanic Living Tribe

This is a subscription service open to people who have attended First-Step, Next-Steps and In-Depth courses. It includes a strong emphasis on shamanic community and support, plus access to the latest ideas and practices as the work grows and develops. Find out more here.

The Shamanic Therapist Training

For those who want to learn to offer Therapeutic Shamanism in a professional capacity and work as a shamanic therapist/counsellor.

We will be rolling-out the online courses over the next few weeks and months. There are lots more exciting developments to come. To be kept posted, you can sign up to the newsletter.


Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. Workshops and training courses in North Wales and through the UK. Courses in: shamanic journeying, core shamanism, shamanic psychotherapy, soul retrieval, power animals, the medicine wheel, shamanic counselling and shamanic healing. Full shamanic practitioner training.