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To find out more about shamans, shamanism training courses, workshops or shamanic healing please email paulfran@gmail.com Or phone Paul Francis on 01492 873739 (N.B. UK time!). You can also join the newsletter (email paulfran@gmail.com with 'Join shamanic' in the subject line). And you can also join the Facebook group at www.facebook.com/Therapeutic.Shamanism. And follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

The  Foundation Weekends and Training Courses

These weekends cover the essentials of shamanic practice, including soul retrieval, working with ancestors, shamanic healing, and much more.  The workshops can be done in any order, and people are free to do the workshops they feel drawn to, and leave others out. But taken together the workshops comprise a really thorough and solid training, for any one who really wishes go deeply into shamanic work. Many of these workshops are essential training and experience for those who wish to go on to do the practitioner training.

To attend any of these courses you have to have attended one of the Introductory days, run by the college (either with Paul Francis or one of the college’s other approved intro day trainers), as you really need to have covered the material taught on the intro day course to make sense of the foundation weekends. Also, the weekend-based courses involve deep work. As such it is important that, before doing a foundation weekend, you do an intro day to check out the college’s style and approach and see if it is right for you, plus that we get to meet you first too.

At the moment, all of the Foundation courses are held in Llandudno, North Wales. Llandudno is a lovely town, the ‘Queen of the Welsh resorts’, in a truly beautiful part of the world. On TripAdvisor it has been voted people’s third favourite place to visit in the UK (after London and Edinburgh). Many students end up falling for the place, and come on holiday here. You can find out more about the area in terms of where to stay, places to eat, and places to visit here. In 2018 the college will be expanding to open a new branch in Peebles, in the Scottish Borders, running Foundation Courses there. More details are here.

The 2018 Foundation Courses in Llandudno…  

The Stone People: oldest and wisest of the Peoples.

Adulthood - a shamanic initiation:finding your true adult self.- Fully booked.

The Totem Pole.

Plant Spirit Shamanism.

The 2018 Foundation Courses in Leeds…

Exploring the Shamanic Realms: exploring the shamanic lower-world and uper-world in detail.


Courses after 2018 will include…

Shamanism and Healthy Boundaries. In Leeds in 2019.

Mending the Past: Healing Ancestral and Family Patterns with Shamanism. In Leeds in 2019.

The Medicine Wheel. In Llandudno in 2019, and in Leeds 2020.

Soul Retrieval and the Fort Holder.

Bird Medicine: Working with the Avian Realm.

Exploring Symptoms: finding out what body symptoms really are (and what to do about them).

Critic Taming with Shamanism.

Healing the Future: releasing the past and choosing the future with shamanism.

Living Shamanically: developing a shamanic practice, and weaving shamanism into everyday life.

The Mother and Father Archetypes: healing our mother and father wounds, and re-connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Lover as Archetype: the anima and animus, and balancing our masculine and feminine selves.

Shamanism, Death and Dying.

Heart and Body in Shamanism.

I am often asked by people which courses they should do first. The answer really is whichever ones you feel drawn to. That being said, if you want to build a solid basis in shamanic work (particularly if you are waning to do the practitioner training), the courses can be divided into:

Core foundation courses

Medicine Bundle foundation courses

Other foundation courses

Course fees

The current courses fees for foundation, advanced and practitioner weekends in Llandudno are...

£140 if weekends are booked individually. Or £120 per weekend if you book for 2 or 3 weekends in one go. Or only £100 per weekend if you book for 4 or more in one go.

Deposits. The deposit required is £30 per weekend you are booking on.

Booking conditions (please read!) Except in the case of my cancelling the course, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (so please do not ask!). The balance for each weekend becomes due three weeks before the weekend is due to start. You can still leave it till the weekend to pay the balance, but if you cancel within this three week period, or do not turn up for the weekend, then the balance will still be due.

For Llandudno foundation courses, book online here. Or email me for BACS details.

For Leeds foundation courses, book with Tracy Owens 07486 374379 tracyowens.shamanic@gmail.com

Read testimonials about the courses.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Done an Introduction to Shamanism workshop? Then you can start to explore shamanism in more depth with the Foundation Course weekends. The courses cover all main areas of core shamanism, including soul retrieval and shamanic healing.