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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Payments and bookings

Please note: you must check with the relevant course tutor before booking.

Mental health. Shamanic work can be of great benefit with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. However, shamanic work does require a reasonable degree of mental robustness and groundedness, and emotional resilience and robustness. As such, like meditation and other similar practices, it can be contra-indicated in mental health issues such as psychosis, mania, severe depression, or dissociative disorders. So, if you have any mental health issues (current or historical) which you feel may impact on your ability to journey safely, then please do discuss this with the relevant course tutor prior to booking on the workshop. Any discussion will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Booking on First-Step and Next-Step Courses

Please contact the tutor directly to make payment. You can find the details for First-Step courses here, and Next-Step ones here.

Booking on In-Depth Courses

You must have done a First-Step course and at least one of the Next-Step courses before you can go onto the In-Depth courses.

Booking conditions - please read! Except in the case of the course being cancelled, booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (so please do not ask!). The balance for each module becomes due three weeks before the module is due to start. You can still pay in installments, but if you cancel within this three week period, then the balance for that module is still due.

The courses are divided into modules. The deposit is £30 per module. The balance then depends on how many you booked on. Modules are:-

£140 if you are only booked on 1 module (£30 deposit, balance due is £110).

£120 per weekend if you are booked on 2 or 3 modules (£30 balance per module, balance of £90 per module).

£100 per moduled if you are booked on 4 or more modules (£30 balance per module, balance of £70 per module).

For In-Depth courses, book with Paul Francis by PayPal (button below). Please note that you do not need a PayPal account, as PayPal accepts payment by credit or debit cards. However if you wish to pay by cheque instead, please email me for my address. Or if you wish to pay by BACS, then please email me for my bank details.

Please note that by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ button below you are agreeing to the booking conditions (above). Please do remember to say what the payment is for - thanks!

Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Payment details for shamanic courses and workshops, and for shamanic healing and supervision.

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Shamanic Training and shamanic healing - thank you for paying.