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To find out more about shamans, shamanism training courses, workshops or shamanic healing please email paulfran@gmail.com Or phone Paul Francis on 01492 873739 (N.B. UK time!). You can also join the newsletter (email paulfran@gmail.com with 'Join shamanic' in the subject line). And you can also join the Facebook group at www.facebook.com/Therapeutic.Shamanism. And follow on Twitter @ShamanicUK.

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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

The Foundation Course Teachers

The college is growing!

Over the last few years, several of the college’s practitioner graduates have been running (and continue to run) the college’s ‘Introduction to Shamanism’ beginners workshops, thereby helping to spread the word about Therapeutic Shamanism. So, starting in 2018, I am truly delighted to be bringing in three of the experienced practitioners and teachers to help with running the Foundation Courses too. All three of them are people I have known and worked with for many years. And all three of them are truly gifted practitioners, with a deep and powerful connection to Spirit, and people of great integrity and authenticity. I feel truly blessed to be able to work with them in this next phase of the college’s life.

Their joining with me in teaching the Foundation Courses enables us to open another branch of the college, in Peebles in the Scottish Borders. The plan is that Tracy Owens, Rachel Surtees and Jayne Birkett, will offer 4 Foundation weekends in Peebles in 2018, on ‘Exploring the Shamanic Realms’ (two on the lower-world, and two on the upper-world). In 2019 they will offer four more Foundation weekends in the Borders - covering the ‘Mending the Past’ and the ‘Healthy Boundaries’ courses. Then in 2020 they will offer the ‘Medicine Wheel’ course. In addition to this, from the second half of 2018, the three of them will be starting to assist me with some of the Foundation Courses in Llandudno, thereby freeing up more time for me to get on with writing the books over the next few years (thirty-plus books is going to take a lot of writing!). As the college continues to grow over the years, I will be carefully bringing in more teachers to help with the Foundation Courses.

Meet the team…

Jayne Birkett

Since 1996 I have lived in Ambleside in the Lake District with my family, working in hospitality and and as a holistic and shamanic practitioner.


My training began in holistic health shortly after moving to the Lakes with body work, homeopathy and then shamanic therapy.

I really love working as a shamanic practitioner and have met some really lovely people both in my practice, whilst studying at The Three Ravens College and teaching introductory days.

It's a joy to be much more connected to the natural world, it's seasons, cycles, healthy patterns and always learning.

Rachel Surtees

I live in Yorkshire with my husband Nick, two daughters, and my furry companion Joe. My work is hard to sum up in one title but the term holistic therapist probably best encapsulates everything I do.

I was drawn to the idea of working therapeutically at quite a young age (about 6 or 7) but it wasn’t until a little later in my life that I made that a reality. I took a career break in my mid-twenties and I trained initially in various forms of body therapies and energy work. I then started consciously looking into shamanism some years later, with hindsight however I can see that I was drawn to shamanism (or shamanism was calling to me) much earlier and it had actually been around for me since childhood.

I studied with the Three Ravens college, and since graduating from the practitioner training I have offered one-to-one shamanic work, and now teach for the college.

I am hugely passionate about shamanism, it is not only part of what I do for work, but is the foundation on which my whole life sits, it has become fundamental to who I am. It is this passion that drives me to teach. I believe that the world is in serious trouble, and that shamanism is one of the keys in turning this around, and for my part I would like to help spread the knowledge and practice of shamanism as far as I can.

Tracy Owens

I have had a life-long interest in spirituality, a love of nature and a curiosity about what makes people tick, and these passions have led me down a very interesting path indeed!

I have been a nurse for 30 years, and have a strong commitment to person-centred practice, which I also bring to my teaching. I have also had a long interest in the energy body, and have explored this for over 25 years through chi gong, spontaneous movement, and dance. In my early 20s I took a degree in English Literature and Social Philosophy and Applied Ethics, again following my desire to explore the nature of who we are, and the structures we create to live together.

My studies and interests led me to explore Earth based spirituality, and shamanism… I searched always for a spirituality that welcomed all parts of ourselves, and was deeply connected to the Earth.

Several years ago I began working with Paul and found a deeply compassionate teaching and a way of working which allows us to heal many of our deepest wounds.

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be teaching for the Three Ravens College, helping people to connect more deeply to themselves, each other, and the gifts that Mother Earth offers us.

Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism. Workshops and training courses in North Wales and through the UK. Courses in: shamanic journeying, core shamanism, shamanic psychotherapy, soul retrieval, power animals, the medicine wheel, shamanic counselling and shamanic healing. Full shamanic practitioner training.