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The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism UK

Therapeutic Shamanism

The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Testimonials and feedback from students on the Therapeutic Shamanism workshops. Taken from emails and feedback sheets from students on all levels of the courses, from the Introduction to Shamanism days, through to the Advanced Courses, and the Shamanic Practitioner Training.

What students say about the Therapeutic Shamanism courses in the UK...

“I really enjoyed Paul's first Soul Retrieval course, he is an excellent teacher as he is not only very knowledgeable and experienced in the work but he has a way of explaining things that make it very easy to understand. I started off just coming to one workshop but was so impressed that I signed up for all three.” M.C. Cumbria.

"Paul is a brilliant teacher. I say that as someone who has spent 30 years of my life in the teaching profession, and is not easily impressed these days! He has an encyclopedic knowledge, combined with compassion, wisdom and gentleness. He really knows how to hold a group without having to be impressive (in fact, he is quite a humble man!)." J.D., Manchester.

"One of the things I most love and respect about working with Paul is that he is empowering. He has a genuine desire to be a facilitator to people's own exploration and discovery. He never interprets, or 'bigs himself up'. As well as having been on some of Paul's training weekends, I've also experienced one-to-one shamanic healing with Paul. I can testify that he is the real deal as a shamanic healer! The effects of the shamanic sessions has been literally gob-smacking and positively life changing." N.B., Liverpool, Merseyside.

"Paul is a wise, modest, kind-hearted, genuine, intelligent, compassionate, considerate, knowledgeable and experienced teacher. And a good human being." A.F., Edinburgh.

"The Therapeutic Shamanism courses are brilliant. They are endlessly fascinating, and skilfully delivered. The balance between theory and practice is just right, and I always come away from the weekends having learnt loads not just about shamanism, but about myself, other people, life, and the universe! Great stuff." G.B., Blackburn, Lancashire.

"As a counsellor, I love the way Therapeutic Shamanism brings together ancient shamanic practice with what we now know from modern psychotherapy practice. Although the courses are largely shamanic, Paul's background and huge experience as a counsellor and a psychotherapist shine through. This is in many ways, not least of which is in his respect for group members, and his skill in being a facilitator and an enabler, and in so empowering his students." C.A., Carlisle.

"If you are looking for some charismatic guru-type shaman, or some hereditary shaman from an ancient lineage of a tribe from somewhere 'exotic', then these courses are not for you. If, however you are looking for a shamanic teacher and guide who has humility, compassion, wisdom and knowledge, then look no further. Paul is someone who is genuinely exploring how to make shamanism relevant and applicable to our modern lives. If that is what you want, then book yourself a place now!" M.G., Birmingham.

"Over the years, I've been on other shamanic courses where we danced naked till the early hours of the morning round camp fires; where we rolled in the mud, and shouted and sang, and generally let rip. I've done sweat lodges, and I've been on shamanic courses where we have taken hallucinogenic plants and had visionary experiences. These were all great experiences at the time, but they always faded after a while. Why? Because they don't help you live your life in this world. The Therapeutic Shamanism courses, on the surface, may appear sedate and even dull by comparison. They are usually held indoors. There is no nudity; no over-the-top dramatics and catharsis. But don't be fooled. What the Therapeutic Shamanism weekends give you is a way of applying shamanism to one's actual, real, day-to-day life. In the year or so I have been doing these course I have changed in a much more lasting, permanent, and genuinely deeper way than I did in years of perusing other, more dramatic ways of working. I am finally learning to actually live my life shamanically. This is Everyday Shamanism." J.C., Chester.

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Paul Francis. I attended his ‘Introduction to Shamanism' day in Leeds yesterday, and I can honestly say, it was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself, EVER! A true life-changing experience!! If you haven't done so - book on one of his courses...you won't regret it!" S.M., Selby, Yorkshire.

"The courses for me have been literally life-changing. They've helped me by providing the tools to gain a deeper understanding of my inner experience and why I've hidden from fully living my life. I've discovered I'm not quite as strange as I once thought! As a healthy sceptic, I've grown to deeply trust Paul, I respect the depth of his experience and quiet humility, his willingness to share, his openness and clear listening skills. He genuinely wants and is able to help. He speaks from a place of knowing, not from a place of doing being. I like the balance between theory and practical, a mix of breathing, experiential, challenging and mentally stretching exercises. I enjoy the opportunity to work on the parts of myself that I would normally avoid. Within this supportive atmosphere I feel I have the chance to 'go for it' and when I do I'm often astonished by the result." M.K.,Yorkshire.

"I really enjoyed my intro into shamanic practice. It felt totally natural and sooo interesting...I was so passionate about my day that my daughter is now wanting to experience shamanism too. The course was easy to understand and Paul made the whole journey worth travelling." C.M. Lancashire.

"Paul ran a new course on shamanism in the physic garden and all who came to learn were really excited about the fascinating information he provided on the history of this originally ancient practise. His practical introduction to journeying and healing using the drum was an amazing and truly meaningful experience for all." Prof P., research neuroscientist, Northumberland.

"I did the weekend of Healing the Ancestors. I thought Paul was very professional and knowledgeable in his presentation and it all held my attention. The balance of theory and activity was good for me. I am astonished at the power of the process and would certainly do another weekend with Paul. I trusted him which is very important to me and things shifted in a major way after the weekend! So, thank you Paul." J.B. Wales.

"I found the Intro course invaluable for me. I enjoyed it and found it very thought provoking. As a Reiki/Spiritual healer and a Life-Coach, it gave me another dimension/understanding of what I do. I found the material and exercises very useful and I really enjoyed listening to Paul talk through the history of shamanism and his knowledge about the development/advancement (if we can honestly say we have advanced!) of the human race. All together a very useful day for me. I also had a soul retrieval one-to-one session. I didn't feel an immediate difference. However I definitely started to see things through different eyes, Something definitely shifted within me; hard to explain really , but I seemed to be able to recover more quickly from sad thoughts evoked by remembering the loss I feel. I seemed to be able to lift myself up to a more positive and accepting place much more quickly. Also I feel that spirit has been working with me much more intensely during my sleep time; so many vivid and profound dreams and meditations. I feel energy surrounding me within moments of connecting to spirit, like a constant companion; they seem to know when I need them. If this makes any sense at all - Thank you for the work you did for me Paul. I am definitely in a much better place than I have been for the past 6 years." C.R. Blackpool.

"I did the introductory course and found that it gave me a good basic understanding and the enthusiasm to learn more. There was a lovely atmosphere and Paul was very clear and approachable." L.G. Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

"I attended the Introduction to Shamanism with Paul in Lancaster last year and found it really interesting and it inspired me to learn more the fascinating subject. Paul is an extremely kind man and has a calm, friendly manner which really helped everyone ‘settle’ into the course. The day course content was full but sufficient time was allowed for each section and Paul always spent time making sure everyone had understood what they were doing and why. It felt very safe and was fun as well as really thought provoking. Paul also provided a list of books and further studies which I have found very useful. Circumstances haven’t allowed me to attend any further courses with Paul but I am hoping to in the future and highly recommend his guidance in learning about Shamanism." A.K., Lancashire.

"I love all of what Paul teaches and how he teaches it. He's grounded, sane and interesting. The theory and practical balance is good and it's nice to move about rather than sit all day. I like the flexibility of being able to dip in and out of a particular group of weekends if needed." J.B., Windermere, Cumbria."

“I attended the introductory and intermediate courses with Paul. I really enjoyed both courses and felt that I learnt a lot. Both courses were very well organised and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and most importantly I felt that Paul was very approachable. One of the best parts of the courses was that I felt well looked after the entire time. “ A.D., Teeside.

"I would love to do some more of your courses but finances still do not permit!  I can honestly say that I found the courses a revelation! You can use that as a quote if you like." H.C., Yorkshire.

"I loved the simplicity of the course I did with Paul (Intro to Shamanism), I thought the balance between theory & activity was right. I thought Paul as a teacher was great. I gained a lot of information from the day itself. It addressed my objective which was to find out more about shamanism." B.H., Durham.

"I think Paul's courses are fab and packed with lots of fascinating information. I can’t say there is anything I don’t like. I generally enjoy the whole experience! I think there is a good balance between practical and theory and the length of the days is about right. I like the room we use, it feels comfortable and its nice having the grounds and the park not far away as well. I like the way we can dip into the weekends we prefer to without having a set number of weekends etc., or having to attend them all to take part. Additionally I like the fact the all of the people on the courses are so nice – it’s been great to meet them all. The courses are a joy to attend, relaxed and friendly, they are packed with lots of useful practical information which makes shamanism accessible and easy even for beginners. Paul is a gifted teacher with a wide range of knowledge and information about the history and origins of shamanism which is fascinating to learn about" L.M., Kendal, Cumbria.

"I have found the courses to be healing, challenging, informative, memorable, respectful, theraputic, life-changing, abundant, and absolutely wonderful. Paul is patient, kind, and an all-round thoughtful guide. He has helped me to connect and embrace with who I really am, which is a privilege. I have gained many blessings from shamanic work, and so can you.” C.L. Near Cockermouth, Cumbria

"Paul conveys an obviously deep and extensive knowledge and a feeling of all will be well no matter where we journey to. The courses feel safe and solid. They are clearly structured yet flow with the group needs. Inner work and outer work are nicely balanced." M.W., Scottish Borders.

"I thought the course was interesting and the balance was correct. I didn't have any preconceived ideas so didn't know what to expect. Paul's teaching style is enjoyable and fun. The introduction to Shamanism workshop was an interesting day combining history, theory and practical experience. I didn't realise until then how Shamanism influences our modern day lives." P.H. Prana Yoga, Conwy.

"I love Paul's shamanic courses, he always seems to pitch them perfectly at a level that I can understand. I like the balance between practical and theory and the practical is always extremely relevant to what is being taught. The theory is delivered in short bursts with the experiential following and reinforcing the information. I wish I'd been taught like this at school because it's definitely the way that I learn best. I have experienced some challenging personal development exercises on Paul's courses but have always felt safe and supported with Paul as a facilitator. I always come away from the Shamanic courses with practical tools that I can use on my own or with others to help my ongoing spiritual growth." K.R., Preston, Lancashire.

"I have only spent two weekends with Paul so far. I have to say that both suited my learning style perfectly and were very stimulating. The most significant added value, common to both, was the sheer amount of learning gained, with the material provided in a concise, clear way and without any sense of pressure. I was so pleased with the first weekend on the shamanic homeopathy project that I now feel compelled to do some of the other shamanic modules. I can honestly never remember feeling more relaxed in a new group situation, especially when I have been faced with a new subject area. I realise that all the group members contributed to this feeling but I attribute it largely to Paul's approach. It was the way that he set the scene, and I think it worked beautifully. Initially I felt that I may be way out of my depth, but the workshop was at once comfortable and I loved the lack of ego. Paul's own lack of 'big ego' mixed with his obvious depth and breadth of knowledge was hugely refreshing. I found that his approach encouraged the contribution of everyone and that it was respectful of other's experience. In one weekend I really deepened my knowledge and I began to approach my practice in a different way. I really liked the variety of shamanic activities - everything I was hoping for. The handouts are absolute gems! I left the weekend feeling great and not nearly as tired as I expected after a full weekend - long may it continue." L.K. Somerset.

"From the beginning I found the concept of therapeutic shamanism very exciting. I love the twin strands of shamanic practice and therapeutic awareness, and the way Paul presents and work with them. I like  the weekend's themes, concepts, insights and exercises. Paul's way of working is engaging and inspiring, and he teaches with passion, wisdom, humour and humility. I appreciate his skills and experience in holding the group and navigating the places we visit with great care and groundedness. It feels like a really safe space in which to stretch my mind and my way of being." L.D., Fife.

"Doing the courses is an amazing experience. I'd love to see more people benefit from this inspiring and healing work." B.F., Newcastle.

"I really love the way Paul creates a group that feels safe and comfortable. He get the balance right between getting through the material that needs to be covered, and going with the flow (and with what spirit is saying) when needed." J.B. Ambleside.

"The course surpassed my expectations. Thank you" T.D., Fylde.

“I have loved every weekend of the courses I have attended. I love the fact that Paul is so grounded, sane and speak so much sense, and that he checks that we have understood. I have no worries at all of journeying in his company (you have no idea how 'afraid' I used to be). The Medicine Wheel course is allowing me to feel safely grounded, earthed and happy, something I haven't felt for a long time. I would recommend any of the courses to anyone with an interest in Shamanism. I would highly recommend Paul as a teacher.” P.B., Yorkshire.

“An important and fascinating topic, and Paul is a most knowledgeable and empathetic teacher. The whole class was instantly at ease and engrossed from start to finish. Highly recommended.” G.D., Carlisle.

“Paul teaches from the heart.” P.B. Manchester.